Precision specializes in property preservation. Our primary goal is to secure the customer and generate a profit.
Our clients in the mortgage industry are our blood line and we strive to meet their needs.


Precision is a very personal company. Our network of friends has been the strength of our growth and stability.

We believe in a positive atmosphere where people are treated fair and with much respect. We encourage drive and promote the personal success of all our staff and clients. Not everyone is a good fit for us or us for them. While personalities can conflict, we think our standards should be the same.

We started as a small group of professionals that are like minded. We continue to perfect our business model while maintaining our core idea. “Like attracts Like”

We keep our overhead small and we take pride in systems that help us deliver quality work, fast results and satisfied clients. We can demo a building. We can fix your sink.

We are in the housing market. Let us help you sell it, Fix it. Let us take your headache away.

Our clients are banks, realtors and independent investors.

“You are the key, without you….. There is nothing!”

You Are the Key

Without You… There is Nothing

Are you interested in our services or HAVE QUESTIONS?